Internal trading factors Trading affects the rise and fall in prices those who actively trade cryptocurrency do have the idea of fluctuation in the crypto prices. All the choices to buy, hold or sell depends upon the significant traders. These traders manage the fluctuation in prices with the help of exceptional marketing tools through the appropriate market conditions. When the price of bitcoin goes up, the value of other coins rises up. This is known as the crossed influence of different crypto. In this case, only altcoins can maintain their position strong. External trading factors When people slowly start to accept crypto in the form of payment that would help in increasing the demand. If more people reject it then the opposite condition applies. Another thing is segregated witness, called segwit. When the segwit gets activated crypto software started to get updates. All the remarks of substantial figures affect the reputation of the crypto market. when platforms start to accept new cryptocurrency then the crypto legitimacy increases and so the demand. Utility plays an important role in the price of all goods and services. Investors need profit if there is no utility provided they will lose interest. Hence, it is needed to provide something regarding investor interest.